Full name: Hannah Catherine Rebecchi

Best thing brought to the relationship: Cooking/Baking

The not so best thing? Lack of cleaning/tidying (irony!)

Favourite film: Moulin Rouge

Works at: Yorkshire Building Society

Works as: Customer Consultant Retail

Mother's Name: Kim Rebecchi

Father's Name: Simon Rebecchi

Where would you like to visit the most?
Venice && Rome!

Funny Anecdote:
I had a hamster called Crystal when I was a lot younger (8 or so) and one day my dad went to the cage and saw that Crystal had sadly died. As I was not great at looking after her, Dad had accused me of not feeding her and killing her because of this.
My parents, however, found out a few years ago WHAT REALLY HAPPENED:
Crystal was a vicious hamster and one day I had her out of her cage and she bit my finger... and would not let go... In an urge to get her off my finger, I flung my hand around and she flew off and hit the wall... and sadly died. I put her back in the cage and did not say anything.
Moral of the story: My dad said, if I had told the truth he wouldn't have banned me from having any more pets as he knew how vicious Crystal was!

When did they meet? 19th February 2011

Where did they meet? Tiger Tiger, Leeds

When did they get engaged? 16/04/2013

First Date? Scary Movie 4 at the cinema, followed by a trip to Kirkstall Abbey

Shared love... Rapping (trying to) along to Eminem on long journeys!

What we want from our future:
Surrounded by good family && good friends
A long life with each other && our own little family

Our dreams for our future:
Big House
A Dog
&& let's win the lottery while we're at it?

Full name: Russell Jeffrey Dobson

Best thing brought to the relationship: Cleaning & Tidying! (A little OCD)

The not so best thing? Complaining (& also not great at cooking!)

Favourite film: Gone In 60 Seconds

Works at: Robert McBride

Works as: Mechanical Engineer

Mother's Name: Kim Dobson

Father's Name: Rik Dobson

Where would you like to visit the most? America (Especially Vegas!)

Russ' Top 5 Stupid Moments:
(Drum Roll Please)

At number 5 we have: "Where's Chester Zoo?" "London."
At number 4 we have: "My throat is as dry as Ghandi's Flip Flop" *gets a funny look* "You know, Ghandi, that guy from the bible".
At number 3 we have: "Are there 2 Egypts?" *gets a funny look* "Because there's one here in Africa *points* and then there's the other one."
At number 2 we have: "Have you been to that country beginning with D yet?" *silence* "Dublin".
And making it to the top spot:
"Where do Romans come from?" "Romania"